Friday, May 30, 2014

Baby Steps to Big Dreams

When you look at the foot of a two-month old, how small it is, you may have hard time to believe it was even smaller! It even looked differently. Babies don't think whether something is good, or risky, or hard. They try. They develop. They take their biggest steps when they are the smallest.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Emil in Skansen

Skansen, the world's oldest open-air museum showing the rural life of the different parts of Sweden, had a great program for kids on the weekend ending 25 May 2014. Emil i Skansen!

There was no lack of the characters from the Astrid Lindgren's novels.

A very patient horse, and so nice to kids!

These two ladies look as if they have just come from the book.

There were home-made Emils...

And even home-made Zlatans! Well, to be fair Sweden loves both Zlatan and Emil, so that is justified.

Emil is an active boy full of curiosity and childish games. Means a lot of it should be present on his day! So what was offered?

What about to paint the faces?

Angry? Break some dishes!

Walk like Emil!

How far can you jump in this?

 Hay fun for the whole family.

 Oh, and this is my favourite. These two young ladies seem to feel comfortable surrounded by hay.

And even a tot can find what to do!

The little train.

 Signs of Emil are everywhere. Here is his hat forgotten on some equipment.

Emil could be seen everywhere, even in the remote spots of Skansen.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Baby Nest SleepyHead

At times, I want to share some ideas which are tried by myself and really liked. This one is a good way to start with. Not on all baby-subscriptions, though I think it should be! This one - the baby nest, by SleepyHead. Those creative Swedish designers seem to know the stuff!

Our baby used to sleep quite well from the very beginning even in his big cot-bed, and in the buggy (Bugaboo Cameleon 3 is well worthy its price). But Alexander just loved his baby nest SleepyHead since the day we bought it from John Lewis, London. It feels like a hug around all the time of sleep. Who is that silly baby who would resist to fall asleep being all hugged? No one ;)

And it appeared we have travelled a lot at his age of 2-4 months, and the SleepyHead just fits the big suitcase right put on the top of the clothes and other stuff. We have travelled number of times and visited three countries, and everywhere little Alexander had his own bed which was easy just to put onto any sofa or bed. How fun is that? All the SleepyHead!

Alexander is growing out of it now, and I am sure - this will be the thing we'll miss.